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Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 12 Mar 2004
File Size: 6 KB
About: Copies a file from one location to another prepending the datetime stamp to the filename

I wrote CopyLog for use at work. When a specific job was running, it was overwriting the previous log file. CopyLog solved that problem by ensuring that the log file would always have a unique filename.

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Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 7 Dec 2004
File Size: 7 KB
About: Changes cursor to working, busy or back to default

Written to make some invisible tasks a little easier to follow. Set the cursor to the working state at the beginning of a script or batch file so you know it is working in the background. At the end of the script or batch file, set the cursor back to the default arrow to signify completion. New with version 1.10, generic cursors are now included in the download. If no cursors are defined in the registry, the generic cursors are used.

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Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2004
File Size: 6 KB
About: Empties all the files of a directory without confirmation

Created to help someone add a context menu item to clear the files in a directory.

Warning: This will delete all files without a confirmation dialogue, bypassing the Recycle Bin.

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Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 4 Mar 2004
File Size: 8 KB
About: Lists the arguments supplied to it

Not for everyday use, but somewhat convenient. ListArgs displays a list of the arguments passed to it to make troubleshooting easier. I wrote this in about 5 minutes to help with a problem I was having running an application via ContextAware by grigri.

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Version: 1.5
Last Updated: 5 Dec 2004
File Size: 20 KB
About: Creates m3u playlists

MakeM3U 1.5 allows you to create playlists by directory. It also supports extended tag information so you can sort by tag as well as path/filename.

Please note: SimpleID3.dll is required for MakeM3U 1.5 to work. Either put it in the System32 directory or the same directory as MakeM3u. More information about SimpleID3 can be found on the About page.

For those of you who do not wish to read tag information, MakeM3U 1.0 is still available. There is also a VB Script version.

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Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 3 Apr 2004
File Size: 16 KB
About: Generates a text file that contains your Start Menu information in ContextAware format

MenuIt should greatly ease the burden of creating a text file for ContextAware with your Start Menu in it. It doesn't properly integrate the 'current user' and 'all users' portions (the current user shortcuts appear first,followed by the all users shortcuts). It does, however, ignore desktop.ini and mscreate.dir files. There are also commandline options to change the files it ignores as well as name designate the name of the resulting text file.

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Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2004
File Size: 6 KB
About: Synchronizes files on multiple machines

I think Synch is the most elegant application on the site. With very few lines of code, it is able to:

  • Receive a list of filenames and determine which was updated most recently
  • Replicate this file to any destination(s), whether another folder or another machine on the network
  • If the destination path doesn't have the file, it will be created
  • If the destination is unavailable, ie: off the network, the destination is ignored and the next is tried
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Version: 1.01
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2004
File Size: 7 KB
About: Removes leading spaces and trailing spaces and tabs

If you've done any type of programming, you're probably familiar with the Trim function. The Trim application applies that function to a text file, with a few modifications:

  • All leading spaces are removed, even if a spaces exists between tabs
  • All trailing spaces and tabs are removed
  • Any time a double-space exists anywhere in the text, it is replaced with a single space (recursively)

I use it to clean up all my development files. If things aren't spaced properly afterwards, it's because I didn't indent properly with tabs and I fix it. This will probably only appeal to those who are as anal as I.

Add it to your right-click using the following syntax in the registry (or download reg file):

@="cmd /c trim %1"

@="cmd /c trim %1"

@="cmd /c trim %1"

@="cmd /c trim %1"


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