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Unless otherwise stated, all software on this site is a C# console application. To learn what's needed to run correctly, just type the application name or use the '/?' switch after the application name at the command prompt. I recommend putting these files in your %winsys% directory so that you don't need to indicate the path.

All scripts on the site are written in VBScript. I realize they may be of limited use to others, but I thought it might help by providing some examples of VBScript.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. I make no guarantee about response time, but please feel free to email me.

If you'd like to link to beaker's software (stranger things have been known to happen), here's the the button.

beaker's software

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All icons for my appplications as well as all the icons used on this site were created by Scrow. I'd supply an email address but alas, he serves in the Israeli Army and we've not heard from him for quite a while. Here's hoping he is well.

Scrow's Icons

The site logo was created by spyder. It was around this logo that I got the idea for the site design.

All site coding was completed in Aranea. I've had the fortune to be a private beta tester for Araneae 5 and I think it's going to be outstanding. For anyone that codes by hand, I'd recommend at least giving it a try.


MakeM3U (version 1.50 and higher) uses Colin Knowles' SimpleID3.dll. I've updated it to work a bit better with differing versions of tags, but he hasn't posted that version on his site.

I wanted to thank grigri, methodik and ()rm for their wonderful applications ContextAware, xBar and ShortPopUp respectively. It's intelligent applications like these that can make all the difference in one's productivity.

...and a huge thank you to plastic for hosting the site. Always a pleasure to work for/with.

Virtual Plastic

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