News Item [8 Dec 2004] Cursor 1.101 released Back to Top

Bugfix/Update: Cursor was updated (yet again) to eliminate the need to run '/reload' (thanks to David R for the suggestion). I've also updated the error trapping and internal logic, so it should run quite a bit faster as well.

News Item [7 Dec 2004] Cursor 1.10 released Back to Top

Bugfix/Update: Cursor was unable to change cursors when none were specified in the registry. This has been resolved and generic cursors are now included in the download. If no cursors are defined in the registry, the generic cursors are used.

News Item [5 Dec 2004] MakeM3U 1.50 released Back to Top

Update: MakeM3U now has several new features.

  • Can read ID3 tag for extended playlist information
  • Can dynamically name the playlist based on the directory name
  • Option to include/exclude hidden files
  • Will warm up your car on cold, winter mornings
News Item [22 Sep 2004] New Application: EmptyDir Back to Top

EmptyDir was also created in response to a question on the VP Msgboard. The main goal was to add a the ability to empty an entire directory in the context menu.

News Item [13 May 2004] New Application: Cursor Back to Top

Based on a conversation on the VP Msgboard, grigri and I created similar applications. Mine is called Cursor and is available on the software page. I created so I'd have a visual indication of when a script or batch file had finished processing.

News Item [16 Apr 2004] Looking for Beta Testers Back to Top
  • Do you use the CD Player in Windows 2000 or Plus! 98 (also known as Deluxe CD Player)?
  • Would you like to store your CD information once and have it available to multiple applications?
  • Would you like to have input into the creative process of a genius?
  • Do you have a pulse?

If the answer to these questions is "yes" then I want you to be a beta tester! I created a little application called Convert that I would like to have beta tested. It was written for my own personal use, but I thought with a little clean-up it would be useful to others. Please email me if you are interested in beta testing.

UPDATE 13 May 2004: I've not had any emails showing interest, so I'll keep this as a personal app.

News Item [8 Apr 2004] New App Released Back to Top

I've just added MenuIt to the software section. If you use grigri's ContextAware and want the start menu available in your context menu, MenuIt should make things relatively painless for you. It will generate a text file that contains your start menu information in ContextAware format.

News Item [30 Mar 2004] Trim 1.01 released Back to Top

Bugfix: Trim was removing non-ASCII characters from files.

News Item [17 Mar 2004] Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Back to Top

Welcome to beaker's software.

Since I don't drink beer, green or otherwise, I thougt I'd celebrate by launching the site. Please check out the console applications under the software section. If you have feedback, please email me.

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